PrecIso english

schermata preciso

PrecIso What is it Preciso is a solution for the monitoring of staff performance on company orders, both at the forecast and at the balance level. The application is able to handle […]

Registry Database Normalization en


Registry Database Normalization Address Normalization and Cleaning System The system is designed to support the management of large data archives, typically (but not only) customer databases.Address normalization system consists of a standardized […]

City of Milan

cattedrale di Milano

Technical consultancy for the construction (electrical distribution and automation)

Grandi Navi Veloci en

nave GNV

Data Analytics system applied to the Ro/Ro transportation service, built using SAP Infinite Insight

Lucchini Piombino en

Piombino foto dall'alto

Simulation of the steel mill area and liquid pig iron transport of the Piombino steel plant