SteelTrack is an advanced supervisory system for the Electric Steel Plant, developed by Iso Sistemi.

SteelTrack includes all necessary functions for the optimum management of the plant:

  • Level 1 Interface (field data collection)
  • Level 3 Interface (production programs acquisition )
  • Should a Level 3 not be available, possibility of directly entering the programs through an appropriate interface
  • Full production and Steelmaking accessory equipment tracking
  • Management of anomalous events (deviations and noncompliance)
  • Operator HMI, implemented through a graphical interface
  • Reporting
  • Historical archiving of production and process data on an suitable Data Base.

Discover the advantages

SteelTrack is used by prestigious international steel groups.

Among the most important and proven advantages:

  • Improved management and operational practices
  • Realtime availability of actual results for all decision levels
  • Possibility of historical data analyses addressed to improvement projects
  • Significant cost reductions
  • Reduction of out-of-analysis materials
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced consumptions
  • Support to the purchasing policies of raw materials and energy
  • Support to production planning and scheduling.

Configurable system

Depending on the different plant configurations and operating rules of the electric steelmaking, SteelTrack is designed as a configurable system that can easily adapt to the customer needs, also with reference to the interfaces with Levels 1 and 3.

Steel Solutions

The SteelTrack supervisory system is integrated with the OptiMet charge optimization model: the two systems are designed to work together to maximize users’ benefits.
OptiMet is supplied as an optional add-on module of SteelTrack.

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