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An advanced system for steel making

PlantLoad is an advanced system of production capacity management and of support for Order Acceptance, which emphasizes the collaboration between Sales and Production Planning Departments.

PlantLoad performs the following functions:

  • It manages the information about the production capacities of the Plant, determined by the
    Planning Department according to the approved production budgets
  • Based on Technical Dressing, it determines for each order (customer’s or internal) the “consumption” of production capacity for each main facility and the related limit date of passing through the facility
  • It compares the production capacities required by the order with those still available, with the aim of confirming the requested delivery date or proposing alternative dates
Carico Macchine
Carico Macchine

The advantages

Plant Load provides a simulation tool to determine the best delivery date for a new order based on the workload of the plant resulting from the orders already accepted.

It allows booking production capacities for orders not yet confirmed by important customers, so as to assure their acceptance.

It shows the updated load situation of the equipement, highlighting overloading or residual capacities.

Compliance with delivery dates is verified using the Master Production Plan (MPP), called the “buckets” system. Capacities can be defined and “consumed” by using any attributes eligible for the order or combinations thereof.

PlantLoad, based on Order Status progress, periodically and automatically updates the material produced in advance or not produced, and aligns system status to the actual situation of the plant.

Configurable system

Plant Load was designed so as to be widely configurable according to the specific needs of the customer, as a function of different plant configurations and managing rules of production capacities and orders.

The Plant Load system is part of the “Steel Solutions” Suite developed by Iso Sistemi for the steel industry.

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