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What are they

SteelSched, MillSched and FinSched have a short time horizon (shifts or days) and generally operate on the basis of the available material (raw materials or semi-products upstream of the machine); where necessary, they can also use the concept of “virtual material”, i.e. material whose availability derives from the analysis of the production programs of the upstream machines.

  • Produce orders in line with the delivery dates agreed with the customer or defined internally;
  • Maximize plant productivity and optimize the use of resources, in compliance with constraints (operational, dimensional, quality);
  • Reduce costs related to raw materials and consumption.

By their nature they are specific to the various types of plants (SteelSched for the Steel mill, MillSched for the Rolling Mill, FinSched for the Finishings).


How do they work

Iso Sistemi’s Scheduling systems use three main components:

The Process Simulator, a generalized tool which, based on previous and current operations and on the existing production programs, determines the evolution of the situation of the plant in the short term, and already in itself constitutes a valid support for operators as it considers the operating practices and the variability of crossing times according to the characteristics of the processes and the material.

The Scheduling model, which determines the sequence of operations to be carried out on the machine according to the processes to be performed, the types of products, the plant constraints and those imposed by the operator. The Scheduling model is typical for the specific plant (e.g. it determines the sequence of castings to be produced, the sequence of slabs to be rolled, the charges of the treatment furnaces, etc.).

An interactive interface, which allows – if necessary – the operator to intervene in a controlled way on the proposed program, by cancelling or inserting program lines. At the end of these operations, the operator can make the program operational in whole or in part.

What are they for

SteelSched, MillSched and FinSched allow to:


1.Calculate production schedules in an optimized way, with significant advantages over traditional procedures

2.Improve compliance with the commitments made with the customer

3.Improve the quality of the product

4.Reduce consumption and maximize plant productivity

The SteelSched, MillSched and FinSched are the basis for generating the work instructions to be passed to the operators (e.g. picking and handling of the materials to be processed, storage of the processed materials, execution of upstream or downstream operations) and to the automation systems that govern most of the steel plants.

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