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Iso Sistemi implements ad hoc applications able to address specific needs and above all to provide customers with a competitive advantages that could not be achieved through market applications.


The two Divisions of Iso Sistemi “Information Systems Development” and “ERP Systems” work together for a 360° response to the needs of customers who wish to make use of advanced management and business systems.

The activities of Iso Sistemi is inherently characterized by its high technical quality and strict adherence to the commitments towards customers, but especially by the presence of consultants with specific expertise on the business.

In this way, our offer differs from the classic one of the software companies, because it builds with the customer a close working relationship in the definition of the project objectives and in the commitment to the achievement of these objectives.


Feasibility studies

To determine the aims and functions of the system, identify the supporting technology, issue preliminary work plan, provide cost / benefit analyses

Design and implementation

To analyze data and functions, determine the optimal level of automation, provide integration with legacy systems, define the project standards, design the database

Support to customers

To prepare end user manuals for the and provide training Commissioning Warranty and Maintenance

For us, integration is a must

Smart Manufacturing

To integrate with automation systems


No more historical databases, but Business Intelligence e Data Analytics 

The most dangerous phrase in the language is, We’ve always done it this way

Grace Hopper


Iso Sistemi has a strong orientation towards the development of WEB and Mobile applications.

It uses the main market DBMS (Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, IBM DB2, Sybase, etc.) and the most popular development environments, in both the WEB and the client / server environments (Microsoft .NET, Java, Borland Delphi, Joomla, WordPress, etc.)


The Iso Sistemi Development Center has designed and manufactured the products sold by the company.


Logistics & Transport
Public Transport

Success stories

NLMK Verona Machine Loading

NLMK Verona Machine Loading

Management of production capacities and confirmation of order delivery dates

Danieli Automation en

Danieli Automation en

International collaboration for development and commissioning