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The Customer

Within the Danieli Group, Danieli Automation is the company responsible for the transfer of technological know-how from other Group Divisions to end-users, providing the interface between plants and operators.

With more than 40 years of industry experience, Danieli Automation supplies to steel companies, worldwide, advanced automation products and MES systems.

In particular, the MES product Q-MET supports the steel industry by providing powerful functionality’s to optimize and manage the factories, functionality’s that are essential to ensure the success of the business..

A continued and active collaboration in the years, that contributed to the success of the product.

Marco Ometto

Executive Vice President, Danieli Automation

acciaio fuso

The collaboration between Danieli Automation and Iso Sistemi

The collaboration between Danieli Automation and Iso Sistemi concerning the MES products lasts since almost twenty years.

Danieli Automation chose Iso Sistemi as a subcontractor in this area for the specific competencies of Iso Sistemi in the steelmaking area and in the IT technologies applied to production.

In particular Iso Systems has provided Danieli Automation with:

  • Specific functional expertise in sections of the MES applied to the steel industry;
  • Development activities of functional modules with high generalization characteristics;
  • Interfaces to ERP systems (especially SAP);
  • Support during commissioning and tuning activities of the QMET system, through the presence of Iso Sistemi technicians in many Countries, including the United States, Denmark, Russia, Turkey, the Gulf States.