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Process know-how, technological expertise and field experience are offered by Iso Sistemi in the Automation sector.


Customers recognize our reliability because we operate in the industrial and services areas that we know in depth (especially iron and steel, energy, logistics) and because our commitment is for the result, not only for the technical solution.

The customer’s problem becomes our problem, the scope of the customer becomes our goal.

The Iso Sistemi technical personnel have direct experience of all three Levels (0, 1 and 2) of the model of Integrated Automation Systems.


Attività svolte


To select the instruments suitable for the parameters to be controlled, specific for an installation capable of achieving reliable measurements and the reduction of maintenance costs

Integrated Automation Systems

To design and implement integrated systems including sensors and actuators; to control and supervise individual machines or production unit; to optimize processes; to coordinate multiple machines and production units

Process Modelling

To identify and develop the plant operating model, through the formulation and the use of mathematical equations representative of the process

Integration with the Levels 3

To design and implement the interface for the acquisition of production schedules and of the actual results and the related operating parameters

Plant starting-up

To coach the customer during commissioning for activities of cold test, hot test, the achievement of the plant performance and the tuning of the operational and quality practices

Ultimate Automation will make our modern industry as primitive and outdated as the stone age man looks to us today.

Albert Einstein



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