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SteelBI - Modulo Analytcs

What is it

SteelBI is the vertical solution for the Steel market to support management decisions and plant technical personnel to speed up processes and increase competitiveness.

SteelBI enables not only dynamic and advanced analysis but also predictive analysis, what-if simulations, economic-financial and production planning, using advanced artificial intelligence systems.

Areas of use of SteelBI are:

  • Sales & Orders
  • Production
  • Shipment
  • Finance
  • Maintenance

SteelBI uses pre-configured models based on our over twenty-year experience in the industry, with the ability to provide additional customization according to customer needs.

Application examples

  • Determination of steel plants and rolling mill production according to the factory calendar, shifts and plant productivity on a daily basis
  • Yield of rolling mill production plans
  • Subdivision of the rolling mill plan by percentage of current coverage by the steel plants
  • Aggregation of MAM rows in rolling mills with display of destination of semi-finished products and their quantity
  • Calculation of the preventive and final internal transfer quantities of semi-finished products to be considered as steel mill outputs to all rolling mills (total and by destination)
  • Calculation of outputs for sale of semi-finished steel plant products (billets and slabs)
  • Management of quantity adjustment field to align calculated data with actual data
  • Calculation of ending stocks of steel plants, including expected purchase order receipts over a period not less than three months and max rolling 12 months
  • Generation and saving of simulations carried out by changing parameters such as: shifts, productivity, factory calendar, coverage quotas of rolling mills with the semi-finished steel plant products
  • Comparison of simulations in order to evaluate the results in relation to parameter to be defined: stock level, delivery performance, etc.

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