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Milano NOSEDO Waste Water purification system

From 1999 to 2006 the City of Milan (Italy) has built a City Waste Water purification system, including three large plants for about 2.5 Million equivalent inhabitants.

Technical-Scientific Control Committee was appointed to check and verify the project under the points of view of technological adequacy, reliability, costs and environmental impact. Several Milan and Genoa University professors and specialists in the processes of purification, chemistry, civil engineering, hydraulics, electrical distribution, automation, environmental impact etc. were part of the Committee.

Iso Sistemi has been identified as a member of the Committee thanks to its experiences in the operational management and control systems of a wide range of industrial activities. Iso Sistemi was appointed to deal with Electric Distribution and Plants, Machinery Automation and Control Systems

After 32 years of battles, Milan is no longer the only major European city without a Water Treatment Plant.

Gabriele Albertini

Major of Milan

depuratore Milano

System Management

From the point of view of management, a Maintenance Database updated in real-time provides the information to allow preventing the failures, through the management of a preventive maintenance program; a documentary database, updated with all the changes made to the system, guarantees the necessary “know-how” to all staff involved in the management.

Finally, as a sort of “black box”, a process database stores the time behavior of the controlled parameters (levels, indicators, etc.) and the important events able to condition the purification process (maneuvers, faults, atmospheric conditions) and provides the technologists with all the necessary information to understand and improve the purification process.

I risultati raggiunti

The construction of the first Waste Water Purification Plant for Milan South area (1.050.000 equivalent inhabitants) was completed in 2003; the other two Plants (Peschiera Borromeo and Milan) immediately followed and the whole Project ended successfully in year 2006.
The Project Specialists Partners, including the Iso Sistemi President, were awarded with the Gold Medal “Ambrogino d’oro” (honor bestowed by the city of Milan) from the City Mayor.

Iso Sistemi support to Operations Management

With a consolidated operating methodology, Iso Sistemi uses for each type of project the experience gained by the Company’s founders, high-level experts that as permanent partners take on roles as Project Leader and Senior Consultant and teams of specialists and experts selected from the best professionals in the fields of interest found necessary in Italy or abroad.
All activities are also supported by advanced tools of project management, and through the access to a wide network of relationships with international leaders of the various sectors involved, and with Universities and Research Centers.