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Why SAP and Iso Sistemi

Iso Systems is the ideal partner to develop a project of Business Analytics, not only for its partnership with SAP consolidated over time, but especially for the large number of internally available technical and consulting skills.

The decision to use the SAP Infinite Insight suite, through the SAP Predictive Analysis product, is also motivated by the product flexibility in directly using the data from the Business Intelligence suite of SAP BusinessObjects, a  tool already used for many years by Grandi Navi Veloci and now firmly consolidated.

The choice of the tools to be used for analysis is crucial, and must be carefully weighed in terms of performance, usability and effectiveness. Winning features of SAP products.

Paolo Beatini

CIO – Grandi Navi Veloci



Grandi Navi Veloci began taking its first steps in Business Intelligence in the year 2000 when the need emerged for an analysis tool that could enable managers to analyze the data. The route started from the data consolidation and certification through the creation of a suitable Data Warehouse, thereafter to pass on to the creation of a simple and clear reporting system with BusinessObjects, which over the years was increasingly developed and enriched according to the new versions of the tool.

As time went by and following the changes in the market the need was felt to have a broader view of the issues to get the relative solutions more and more promptly. The management of GNV reached the conviction that it should not just stop at the Business Intelligence understood as a cold processing and extraction analysis of information, but that a more detailed and productive exploration of the size of the measures would be needed, with the support of tools and algorithms to help the early detection of the most significant information.

The Project

The Ro/Ro transportation service presents specific constraints and peculiarities. For instance, this type of transport does not have a precise scheduling:  very often the freight policies are bought directly in port, at the departure of the ship.

Another feature that impacts decisively is the heterogeneity of customers, types of vehicles, goods, seasonality of products and trades. This plurality of phenomena intersects with the different geographic areas served, which present different requirements and again, heterogeneous catchment areas.

The management of the ships’ garage also plays a very important, if not essential, role: this resource is contested between freight and passenger transport and may become very complicated due to the changes that may occur during the year. All these features make it even more difficult a “universal” pricing policy, with a multiplicity of rates by vehicle or by customer. The visual data analysis with InfiniteInsight allowed Grandi Navi Veloci to implement productive policies by identifying and offering to customers solutions that meet the needs of all actors involved, also optimizing the management of loads inside the ships.


The implementation of SAP BusinessObjects systems provides management with more opportunities to thoroughly enhance the analysis of every detail with additional benefits.

Grandi Navi Veloci, operating in increasingly open markets, has now a tool that can better support the company in all its areas of interest, with a significant improvement in analysis, profitability, and more generally in the whole decision-making process.

Future developments

Grandi Navi Veloci wants to experience in the near future other innovative ways that can bring tangible benefits to the business, consolidating SAP InfiniteInsight as one of the main tools for the strategic planning of the company.

To extract information from structured data and unstructured new sources will allow to effectively segment customers in order to provide more and more targeted and effective services, with a growing interaction between enterprise information and external phenomena that may help to predict and anticipate events, allowing the timely identification of solutions.