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The project

An extremely complex and technologically advanced metro line has been built in the heart of Rome. The monuments, churches and the most famous buildings of the capital lie along the underground route. The first four sections (21 stations out of 25 planned), are in operation since June 29, 2015.

The new Metro C line is the first major public transport infrastructure in Italy remotely guided and controlled by a fully automated system.

When completed, it will be the most modern metropolitan of Italy and the Capital will have a network of public transport by rail in line with those of many large European cities. It will carry 600,000 people per day with a capacity of 60,000 passengers during peak hours.


The Metro Automation System

Under the project, Iso Sistemi has been selected by Finmeccanica to be part of the group that was involved in the realization of the Monitoring and Control Automation System of the technological and fire detection equipment of the new Line C stations.

The development was carried out using Rockwell Allen-Bradley products for the PLC basic automation, and the Finmeccanica GRS product for the HMI (Human Machine Interface).

The system allows monitoring and controlling the following equipment:

  • Fire Detection Center;
  • Anti-Intrusion Center;
  • Automatic Quay Gates;
  • Elevators and Escalators;
  • Station Fans and Fire Dampers;
  • Gallery fans with speed control by means of Inverter;
  • Hydraulic Center;
  • Emergency Lighting;
  • Access Control and Ticketing System;
  • Telecommunications and Ads Broadcasting Systems;
  • Electric Switchboards;
  • Station air conditioning plant

Through the full control of all systems in the stations, it was possible to make fully automatic even the fire emergency scenarios, thereby bringing all involved plants into specific settings, different depending on the type and severity of the fire detected.


Role of Iso Sistemi

Within the project, Iso Sistemi, with professionalism and experience, has worked with Finmeccanica technicians to develop PLC control Software for all surface stations (Pantano-Giardinetti) e and followed the part of Installation, Commissioning and Tuning of the System for all 21 stations of Pantano-Lodi section (T7, T6A, T5 e T4).