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What is it

Preciso is a solution for the monitoring of staff performance on company orders, both at the forecast and at the balance level. The application is able to handle both lump sum orders and orders by the day.

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An extremely simple and intuitive web interface allows people to enter their forecasts and balances by allocating the hours worked on the orders authorized by the Project Manager


Through the Preciso reporting the company keeps always under control the activities carried out both by the employees and by possible external collaborators


Preciso provides tools and information, including the daily activity of employees, the updated display and the projection at year end of the residual holidays, permits and former festivities, the calculation of meal vouchers still due


System administration

At the administrator level the application allows to: 

  • Enter the users, sorted by sectors and / or departments
  • Define business orders
  • Enable both internal and external users to provide balances on such orders
  • Connect the orders to the locations of performance of activities
  • Manage the delivery of meal vouchers to employees

Web interface

Through the web interface, the Preciso users can:
– Plan their future commitments through the Forecast function
– Balance their activities on the authorized orders
– Consult the commitments of single and / or groups of collaborators through the Calendar function
– View their own holiday balances, permits, former festivities and meal vouchers.

Interfaces with other systems

The Preciso architecture allows a simple interfacing with other systems, e.g. to automatically update the registries of personnel and of orders, or to transfer the balances to the order accounting systems.

System requirements


Windows 2008 Server (o superiore) con IIS

SQL 2008 Server (o superiore)


Windows 10 / 8 / 7