PrecIso english

schermata preciso

PrecIso What is it Preciso is a solution for the monitoring of staff performance on company orders, both at the forecast and at the balance level. The application is able to handle […]

ProdSim english


ProdSim Configurable Process Simulator for Steel Companies In the operational management of a production plant it is essential to understand the evolution of the situation in the short term, in […]

Registry Database Normalization en

normalizzazione database anagrafici

Registry Database Normalization Address Normalization and Cleaning System The system is designed to support the management of large data archives, typically (but not only) customer databases.Address normalization system consists of a standardized […]

DataFlow english


DataFlow A tool for ETL procedure DataFlow, a tool for the development and management of ETL procedures, stems from the more than ten years Iso Sistemi experience in Business Intelligence and Data […]

SteelTrack english

schermata SteelTrack

SteelTrack Scope SteelTrack is an advanced supervisory system for the Electric Steel Plant, developed by Iso Sistemi. SteelTrack includes all necessary functions for the optimum management of the plant: Level 1 Interface (field […]

PlantLoad english

Carico Macchine

PlantLoad An advanced system for steel making PlantLoad is an advanced system of production capacity management and of support for Order Acceptance, which emphasizes the collaboration between Sales and Production Planning Departments. PlantLoad performs the following […]

OptiMet english

schermata Optimet

OptiMet What is it OptiMet is an advanced application addressed to the Electrical Steel Mills, developed by Iso Sistemi with the aims to reduce costs and improve steel quality. OptiMet calculates quality and […]