Iso Sistemi


Classroom based courses

  • The lectures are interactive; in fact, the intervention of the participants is constantly stimulated for the purposes of necessary calibrations and insights, as well as follow-up questions are asked of the participants to check the level of understanding of the concepts and methods proposed.
  • An active, participatory classroom teaching methodology is applied, with the use of hands-on labs, and activity carried out both in groups and individually.
  • Each exercise is carried out with the help of the appropriate Hardware and Software equipment, so that a predefined set of tasks can be carried out. At the end of the exercise, problems encountered and mistakes are discussed so as to foster participants’ autonomy.
Aula corsi di formazione Iso Sistemi

Online courses

  • Even in online mode, the lessons are interactive, regardless of whether the webcam is used and activated or not.
  • As for the workshops, it is not necessary to download anything, but only to log in via a link to our platform: the exercise is preceded by a time of illustration and operational directions, carried out through screen sharing by the coaches. During the exercise, participants who encounter issues have the opportunity to share their screen to be supported in the solutions.
  • For this purpose, Iso Sistemi ensures the constant presence of a tutor in the virtual classroom who supervises the proper functioning of the tools, monitors the progress of teaching, and supports participants who may encounter issues.
  • Depending on the courses, the platforms we use are: Microsoft Teams, Go to Training, Zoom